The Barn

The Barn

Barn Information

Download “The Barn” rental agreement

Max Occupancy: 125

Rental includes:

  • Full use of the building and its facilities for the day or time of your event, excluding the items from bar. For an additional charge you may rent the day/night before if the building is not being occupied, or the morning after your event.
  • Tables and chairs for up to 125 guests in the Barn. You may rent additional tables and chairs from the business of your choice. It is your responsibility to have them delivered and picked up.
  • A staff member to be present for you to set up or take down, and also to be available for your caterer, DJ/music providers and other event services to enter the building to set up.
  • Use of our sound system, which will include a cordless microphone connected to speakers inside and outside of the Barn. If your event requires a bigger system it will be your responsibility to make arrangements for that.


  • George Spencer Tasting Room reserves the right to retain the services of a Security Officer if we deem it necessary because of the number of guests or the nature of the celebration. The cost will be charged to the renter.
  • George Spencer Tasting Room reserves the right to terminate a function if we feel it is out of control or if those attending the event refuse to follow our safety and security policies.
  • Guest parking and driving is only allowed in designated areas. There can be many unforeseen dangers to someone unaccommodated with a vineyard. George Spencer Tasting Room will not be responsible for any personal or property damage of any guest due to occupying space not designated for guests.
  • Any staff member of George Spencer Tasting Room reserves the right to limit or terminate alcohol consumption to any person on the property.
  • Any staff member of George Spencer Tasting Room reserves the right to refuse service to any guest and to have any guest removed from the property.


  • No outside liquor may be brought onto the George Spencer Tasting Room property. Each guest bringing alcohol onto the property will result in George Spencer Tasting Room deducting $100 from the security deposit, and the guest will be removed from the property.
  • Arrangements are to be made with George Spencer Tasting Room for alcohol to be served at your event.
  • Guests are prohibited from serving alcohol, including kegs, to themselves or other guests. Under-age drinking is strictly prohibited and charges may be pursued.
  • All decorations to be used on the property must be approved by a staff member of George Spencer Tasting Room.
  • Nothing may be nailed, taped or otherwise affixed to the exterior or interior walls, fixtures, floors, or entrances. If you have wall decorations for your event, please speak with a staff member so we can find an appropriate, damage free plan to hang them.
  • No decorations releasing artificial scents of any kind may be used on the property.
  • Candles on tables must be securely supported on substantial noncombustible bases and candle flame is protected. All flames must be contained, and may not be less than 2 inches from the edge of the object containing the flame.
  • Removal of your entire event related Items must be completed by midnight following the event, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • George Spencer Tasting Room will not be held liable for any lost or stolen property belonging to any guest. Lost Articles left after an event may be held for one week and then will be donated if unclaimed.
  • Gardens and Grounds are not to be disturbed. Picking flowers, foliage, greenery or grapes is strictly prohibited.
  • Glitter, confetti, party-poppers, silly-string, bird seed and rice are prohibited inside and outside all George Spencer Tasting Room property. Only bubbles, or real flower petals may be dispensed outside the buildings. Please speak with us about any other items not listed that you’d like to have dispensed at your event.
  • Littering is prohibited. Trash cans are available throughout the property for the convenience of our guests. If the property is littered, you may incur a cleanup fee.
  • George Spencer Tasting Room must have advance notice of all deliveries. We will provide a George Spencer Tasting Room staff member to be present for deliveries for any outside vendors for your event. We will not be responsible for any communications between you and your vendors. We will not be responsible for any setting up or taking down your outside vendor’s property.

Vendors & Caterers

  • All Vendors must be approved by George Spencer Tasting Room. George Spencer Tasting Room maintains the right to refuse any vendor.
  • All hired caterers must be familiar with and fully comply with all local, state, and federal laws, along with carrying the proper insurance for their business.
  • George Spencer Tasting Room and its staff will not in any way be responsible for damage to any property brought in by the renter or any other vendor.

Safety & Security

  • No keys will be provided. A staff member will be present when you need to enter the building or property.
  • For the safety of our guests and staff, all events will conclude by 11:00pm, with the facility being cleared of all guests no later than midnight. Children attending an event must be supervised by an adult at all times. Any staff member of George Spencer Tasting Room reserves the right to remove guests from the property because of unsupervised children. Any damage to the property by children will be taken from the security deposit.
  • Any tampering with the fire alarm or security system will result in a $500 fee being deducted from your damage deposit.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any building, or within 10 feet of any doorway.
  • Fire pit use by any guest is only permitted if permission is given by a George Spencer Tasting Room staff member.
  • In accordance with the Nebraska State Fire Marshall codes, no open flame devices or pyrotechnic device shall be used in any assembly occupancy. Open flame devices shall be permitted to be used where necessary for ceremonial or religious purposes, provided that precautions are taken to prevent ignition of any combustible material or injury to occupants.



A $500 security deposit and this signed contract is required to guarantee your date at the event venue for your function. This $500 security deposit is in addition to your rental fee. This deposit is used to hold your date and will not be returned if you cancel your event. The security deposit will be returned after your event and the property has been inspected and cleared of any unnecessary damaged. We ask that the building and grounds be left in the same condition you found them. The cost to repair any damage caused by you or your guests or any special cleaning services required as a result of your use will be deducted from your security deposit. If there is no reason to hold the security deposit it will be returned within 2 weeks after your event.

The security deposit may be paid using a personal check, credit card or PayPal.


50% of your rental fee is due 3 months before your event, with the final 50% due one month before your function.


$100/hour for minimum of 2 hours
Wedding Only
$1000 – includes 4 hours the day of your wedding and 1 hour Friday evening for rehearsal.

Wedding & Reception
$2000 –  Includes all day of your wedding, plus Friday for decorating and rehearsal. For an additional $250 you can reserve The Barn for Sunday morning.

Cancellation Policy


No refund of the deposit will be issued if you cancel your event. Any rental payments paid will not be refunded if cancelled 3 months prior to your event.
If for some unforeseen reason the event is cancelled by us, George Spencer Tasting Room, all deposits and rental fees collected will be refunded 100%.